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Green Environment and Climate Change Initiative (GECCI) is an environmental conservation organization incorporated under the law of the federal republic of Nigeria.

GECCI's primary goal is to combat climate change and deforestation through initiating projects and programs on the environment in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. We also aim to combat erosion and emission of greenhouse gasses from gas flaring due to oil exploitation.

One of our primary strategies in achieving the goal is the use of awareness campaigns to enlighten and inform the general public on environmental issues and the threat they pose to our society.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Belief
  • Our Mission

GECCI has a vision of a Nigeria where people consciously protect the environment for the present and future generations.

GECCI believes in singing the songs of nature in the ears of the people so that in doing the actual work, we dance to the tone of the environment.

Our vision drives our mission to protect the environment using nature-based solutions, promote sustainable use of natural resources, and advocate for climate justice.

Safer the enviroment, Healthier the life...

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Green Environment and Climate Change Initiative


Green Environment and Climate Change Initiative

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Our Amazing Team

Obimdike Mmachukwu Loretta

GECCI, Executive Director

Obimdike Mmachukwu Loretta

GECCI, Executive Director

Mr Oluropo Apalowo

GECCI Programme Lead
GECCI Programme LeadOluropo Apalowo is a Climate change advocate, Crop Protectionist, and Agricultural Policy Expert. I have work experience in both local and international Organizations.

Mr. Ifeanyi Anyanwu

GECCI, Monitoring and Evaluation Lead
Ifeanyi is a Hydrogeologist and a firm advocate for the UN SDGs 3, 6, and 13. He has a keen interest in Hydrogeology and Environmental Management, with specific application in groundwater exploration and exploitation, groundwater quality and contamination, and groundwater remediation.

Chukwu Rosemary Onyinye

GECCI, Asst. Programme Lead and Volunteer Manager
Rosemary Onyinye Chukwu is a passionate Volunteer and an SDG Advocate with an intrinsic filial to establish a positive influence in her space.