GECCI: Towards a Greener Future; United in Action   

GECCI: Towards a Greener Future; United in Action   

GECCI Youth Policy Training

Green Environment and Climate Change Initiative (GECCI) is excited to announce a unique program tailored for the youth of Nigeria. It aims to empower youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively contribute to climate protection and sustainability efforts in Nigeria.

Theme: Building Youth Capacity for Climate Action in Nigeria.

Objective: The Primary objective of the program is to engage and educate the youth of Nigeria on policies and strategies related to climate protection and sustainability. By fostering a deep understanding of these issues, GECCI aims to equipe participants with the tools they need to become proactive advocates and agents of change in their communities

Educational Workshops:
In-depth sessions on climate change, its impact on Nigeria, and how youth can get involved.

Policy Analysis:
Understanding Nigeria Policy Framework on Climate Change.

Project Development:
Participants will have the opportunity to develop a project. There will be Guidance to help transform ideas into impactful projects.

Networking and Collaboration:
Opportunities for participants to connect with like-minded individuals passionate about climate action.

Certificate of Participation
Interested youth between (18 - 35yrs) can apply for the program by submitting an online application form available on the GECCI website. The application should include a brief personal statement, expressing the applicants motivation, and a vision for contributing to climate action in Nigeria.

It's a two-day program scheduled to run from 9th - 10th Feburary 2024.
Venue details, and other logistics will be communicated to selected participants upon acceptance into the program.

Awka, Anambra State Nigeria

Applications are open until the 5th of January 2024.

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