GECCI: Towards a Greener Future; United in Action   

GECCI: Towards a Greener Future; United in Action   



Mrs Mmachukwu Obimdike and fellow environmental enthusiast. Mrs Mmachukwu is holding a plaque that says Let us protect our forest resources

Theme: Forest and Sustainable Production and Consumption.

In commemoration of IDF, Green Environment and Climate Change Initiative (GECCI) in collaboration with the Department of Forestry and Wildlife, Ministry of Environment Anambra State Nigeria marked the day with a WALK FOR ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION. The activity of the day was a way to create awareness of the importance of all types of forests and their resources to the general public.

Forests, a Precious Ecosystem

Forests provide a home to different species of animals including humans. Most times we do not link forests to our daily living. The shelter you have, the food you eat, the medicine you take for fever, the water you drink are all, the car you ride on are all products of the forest. Sustainable use and management of these resources will contribute to the well-being of the present and future generations.

Forests also play an important part in combating climate change. The trees serve as the natural means to sink in carbon in the atmosphere thereby purifying the air we breathe for healthy living.

Forests provide jobs for 80% of people on earth thereby alleviating poverty.

Image of a beautiful Rainforest